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a small dog on a leash Don't Let Accidents Take a Bite Out of Your Pet Care Business Get affordable, comprehensive and liability insurance for your home-based, specialty or commercial pet care business Free quotes: 15 min. or less! Call: (855) 367-0470 a dog on a leash

Our Pawsitive Reinforcement

Thank you again Greg Beaton! Excellent job staying on top of this for me as well as finding us an acceptable rate.

Super helpful, and insanely quick in setting up my policy. Now I can do what I love (train dogs) without being worried.

I always feel that Greg is working diligently on our behalf with the carriers. He is terrific and very professional!

Affordable Pet Care Insurance for Dog Businesses and Pet Care Specialties

Whether you run a dog walking business, a pet sitter, a doggie daycare or a kennel, KennelPro insurance company understands that comprehensive insurance coverage is key. We offer a variety of specialty pet liability insurance options to suit your pet and dog-related business needs. Our affordable dog business insurance packages provide comprehensive and liability insurance coverage for your business.

As specialty pet insurance specialists, we work with clients in the dog industry to provide responsive personal service that is second to none. And, we are committed to staying focused and knowledgeable about your business. We look forward to serving you for years to come.

Silver Package

Our Silver Package is geared towards Pet Sitters, Dog Trainers, Dog Kennels, and Mobile Dog Groomers who are looking for comprehensive insurance coverage, but do not own business property.

Gold Package

Our Gold Package is intended for Specialty Animal Rescue and Specialty Dog Trainers, including service dogs and detection dogs. This comprehensive insurance package is intended for those who do not own business.

Platinum Package

Our Platinum Package is intended for dog boarding, animal shelters, and pet care business with business property. This comprehensive custom policy is structured around your specific coverage needs

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a person walking a dog on a leash

Home-Based Pet Care Businesses Insurance

a person walking a dog on a leash

From Being in-charge of one, mild-mannered puppy to multiple, large breeds – dog businesses are always an adventure. Through your day-to-day operations, it’s tough to predict what type of animal your new clients may own. That unpredictability leads to accidents, as you may not be prepared for this new client. The result can range from minor bites to a fatal encounter! Be prepared with liability insurance coverage for your employees and your business.

Competitive Quotes On:
  • Pet Sitting Insurance
  • Dog Sitting Insurance
  • Dog Boarding Insurance
  • Small Pet Boarding Insurance
  • Kennel Insurance
  • Therapy Dog Trainer Insurance

Liability Insurance for Specialty Dog Services

At KennelPro, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to the risks that mobile dog businesses present. Throughout the years, we’ve helped our clients navigate the potential pitfalls of owning, and operating, dog care businesses that serve pet owners on site. Through our partnership with top-rated insurers in all 50 states, we’re equipped to help craft a policy that addresses your risks and concerns!

Competitive Quotes On:
  • Mobile Dog Grooming Insurance
  • Dog Trainer Liability Insurance
  • Animal Rescue Insurance
  • Dog Walker Insurance
  • Professional Handlers Insurance
a person holding a dog

Pet Boarding and Dog Day Care Business Insurance

a person holding a dog

When a dog bite or other incident occurs, it can quickly transform a loyal client into a legal adversary. With rising legal costs and a variety of risks on your premises, insurance is one of the best business decisions that you can make. Beyond protecting you from financial and legal liabilities, assuring your clients that you’re insured adds peace-of-mind when you’re doing business together!

Competitive Quotes On:
  • Doggy Day Care Insurance
  • Dog Club Insurance
  • Dog Breeders Insurance
  • Animal Shelter
  • Animal Boarding Insurance
  • Commercial Dog Groomers Insurance

About KennelPro Insurance Company


KennelPro is powered by Mourer-Foster, Inc. — a full service specialty insurance services since 1933. Representing a wide range of insurance carriers, we are able to offer coverage options suited best for your individual needs.

Our commitment to customers drives our mission to provide comprehensive insurance services at the best possible value, serviced by the most helpful, knowledgeable and courteous staff in the insurance business.

By working with pet groomers, walkers, and other professionals for decades, we’ve seen the risks that business owners and employees face without the proper insurance. Whether it’s a lost animal or fatal car accident involving a pet, and everything in-between — any number of dangers can become traumatic events. This is especially true when you’re on vacation and someone else is caring for your cat, dog, or other pet.

That’s why we’ve hand-picked the top rated pet insurance carriers. This allows us to shop from the industry leaders, not just one individual provider. When we began KennelPro, we recognized that many pet insurance brokers were captive to just one carrier. We’ve made it our mission to provide a variety of options and help you select the policy that addresses your unique concerns and business goals.

FAQs About Dog Insurance

Dog walkers insurance protects your business reputation and reduces risk while handling multiple dogs. Dog walking liability insurance will help, if while in your control a client’s dog bits another person or another dog.

KennelPro insurance company is the best company to buy mobile pet grooming insurance from not only because we provide comprehensive and liability insurance for dog groomers, but because we take the time to truly understand your needs and research the best specialty pet insurance plans and prices.

Dog trainer insurance is a specialty pet insurance KennelPro provides to dog trainers across the country. Because a high level of trust is placed in trainers when the owner allows them to work with their pet, it’s important to secure insurance that accounts for many scenarios. For example, trainers normally work to correct a behavioral problem. This means that many animals who’re beginning their training are still trying to overcome lapses that can result in physical injury or property damage.

Dog sitting liability insurance, doggy day care insurance, pet boarding insurance and pet sitter liability insurance all protect you from accidents or injuries that occur when someone’s pet is in your care. KennelPro insurance company provides affordable insurance for dog care businesses from home-based to franchise models.

Our affordable dog sitting insurance coverage can include:

  • Property damage to a home where a pet is located if the damage is the result of your negligence while caring for the pet.
  • Pets that become sick or ill while in your care, custody, and control.
  • Pets lost, stolen, or injured while in your care, custody, and control.

Animal rescue insurance protects your from the incidental damage or injuries that may occur during a dog rescue attempt. We offer comprehensive and liability coverage for your dog and your business.

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We’re happy to answer your questions about protecting your dog business with an affordable, comprehensive or liability insurance plan from one of our trusted, A-rated carriers.


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